Restaurant Insiders Reveal Their Industry Crush

Ahhh, it’s the time of the year when love is in the air.

We were feeling all sorts of romantic here at Chat Chow TV so we thought in spirit of Valentine’s Day we’d play matchmaker and find out who everyone’s “industry crush” was around Miami.

As you can probably can tell, this is all in good fun and to not be taken too seriously, but we still had a great time compiling the list. Check out everyone’s answers below and feel free to leave your industry crush pick in the comments below.

Gio Gutierrez (Chat Chow TV) ♥’s Eileen Andrade. Love a challenge 😉

Todd Erickson (Haven) ♥’s Gio Gutierrez

Eileen Andrade (Finka) ♥’s Michelle Bernstein. She’s the Meryl Streep of the culinary world and I fucking love Meryl.

Danny Serfer (Blue Collar) ♥’s Michelle Bernstein. She is the reason I am a chef instead of a lawyer. When I was 20-something I had the opportunity to have her NYE dinner while she was the chef at Azul. I was finishing up my undergrad at Florida state. I was so impressed by everything I ate that I knew cooking was for me and not the law. I also felt so behind because all the people in the kitchen were close to my age and already doing amazing things with her. Plus I think she is really hot!

Olee Fowler (Eater Miami) ♥’s Josh from Josh’s Deli and Alex from Eating House

Rob Ferrara (Lure) ♥’s Every chick that works at E11even

Alex Casanova (Eating House) ♥’s Mine would have to be our morning sous chef, Michelle Saavedra. Half cuban, half spanish, bad-ass chick with sass and class. Her cooking alone makes her wifey material.

Carla Torres (Miami New Times) ♥’s Rob from Lure and Michael from OTC

Mike Sullivan (OTC) ♥’s Jessica Sanchez from Loba. Some 30 under 30 love.

Jessica Sanchez (Loba) ♥’s Dirtcup

Eric Saltz (Taquiza) ♥’s Gio Gutierrez. Because I love him. And Jess from LOBA.

Ashley Danella (Rum Line) ♥’s Vanessa Hulsey

Gabe Urrutia (Grey Goose) ♥’s John Lermayer

John Lermayer (Sweet Liberty) ♥’s Julio Cabrera

Nina Compton (soon-to-be open NOLA spot) ♥’s Mike Pirolo #incest

Mike Pirolo (Macchialina) ♥’s Conor from The Dutch. I have a thing with men with great hair

Jose Mendin (Pubbelly Group) ♥’s Jessica from Loba

Carissa Chesanek (Zagat Miami) ♥’s Jessica from Loba or Carla from Touche. I’m all about the ladies.

Matt Meltzer (Thrillist Miami) ♥’s Burger Beast

Sef Gonzalez (Burger Beast) ♥’s My answer would have to be Gio from La Feria de la Alegria Or “El Mago” Ortelio Cardenas

Jamie DeRosa (Tongue & Cheek) ♥’s Cesar Zapata, duh

Cesar Zapata (The Federal) ♥’s Angelina from Tongue & Cheek, young Chef with lots of potential.

Heath Porter (Uvaggio) ♥’s I’ve got a crush on a lot of International dudes, and by that I mean the line cooks who run the kitchen at Tropical Chinese on Bird Road and Bombay Darbar in the Grove, my 2 favorite places to eat in Miami.

Christine Guzman (Blackbrick Chinese) ♥’s Jeff Maxfield from Toscana / Ironside Pizza.

Ryan Goodspeed (MGFD) ♥’s Jenny Farias – the latest food blogger #goodtella

Giorgio Rapicavoli (Eating House) ♥’s Hedy Goldsmith, I love a challenge too. And the way she dresses.


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