Stuart Cameron / Byblos

Mediterranean newcomer Byblos has made quite the splash on the South Florida dining scene. Its fusion of flavors and impressive design have wow-ed many, and Chat Chow TV sat down with the restaurant’s executive chef Stuart Cameron to learn more about the Miami outpost, the restaurant’s eclectic menu and its signature dishes.

South Beach is home to the first outpost in the United States for the restaurant brand, which has a few locations throughout Canada. But the question on a lot of people’s mind is — why Miami?

“Miami is really, really growing,” Cameron notes. “Such an awesome food scene, and it was a really good opportunity to open a Byblos here.”

As for how the South Florida menu differs from the the Canadian counterparts utilizing South Florida’s local produce, seafood and flavors to create a menu that’s different to its sister restaurants to the north.

But the restaurant still sports plenty of signature dishes that made it popular like the lamb ribs, dumplings and hand-rolled couscous. And of course, the tea-cocktails presented table side also make an appearance on the menu.

Curious what Cameron’s favorite dishes are? Or what he thinks is unique about Byblos? Find out all those things and more in the video above.

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