Dine on Worldly Vegan Cuisine For All at GLAM

Carnivores listen up — there’s a new vegan spot in Midtown that will even turn the most meat loving diners into converts. Well, at least for their meal. Called GLAM — short for green living animals matter — it’s a vegan spot featuring world inspired cuisine by chef Todd Erickson of Huahua’s and Haven fame and we got a first look.

The fast-casual menu is divided into multiple sections depending on your mood and hunger. Smaller snacks include dishes like a Watermelon Poke tossed in konbu, lotus, sesame, sweet tamari, nori and a yuzu vinaigrette or the chilled Kelp Noodles made with ginger, almond, coconut, siracha, scallion, daikon and basil. Other unique items like the Jackfruit “Al Pastor” Tacos and Cashew Cheese Platter can also be found, and the fact that they don’t have any animal product in them will almost come as a surprise.

Larger options include a variety of flatbreads, with our favorite being the Sausage and Pepper that is topped with a grain-based Italian “sausage”, charred peppers, marinara, arugula and basil. Of course, you’d be remiss to not try one of GLAM’s toast offerings with the classic Avocado Toast topped with orange and tajin being as beautiful as it was delicious. For those looking for a hearty dish, the chickpea-based Chana Masala with garam masala, mango, tomato chutney, papadum, and quinoa will satisfy any hunger pang.

Make sure not to overlook dessert, because even though they are missing dairy they are still tasty and cravable. Our favorites were the Matcha Tea Pots de Crème with mango, passionfuit and coconut and the avocado based Choco-Cado Mousse made with dark chocolate, avocado, agave and coconut. Wash the whole meal back with a Sake-Rose Sangria filled with pear, pineapple and berry for a refreshing treat.

Until you can get a chance to check out GLAM’s cuisine for yourself, check out the beautiful dishes out below.

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