Todd Erickson / Huahua’s Taqueria

From the creative minds that brought us Haven Lounge, comes South Beach’s new must-go-to taco restaurant, Huahua’s Taqueria. Located a few doors down from Haven, the taqueria boasts a menu filled with traditional and contemporary tacos, unique sides and enough hot sauce choices to make your head spin.

Chat Chow TV sat down with Huahua’s Executive Chef Todd Erickson to learn more about the new concept and some of the exciting dishes guests can find on the menu.

The idea for a taqueria was inspired by the concept of a ‘stationary’ food truck from one of the restaurant’s partners Mike Boels, says Erickson.

“And what goes great in food truck? Tacos.” Erickson notes. “There weren’t a lot of tacos being done on the beach at the time and we thought it would be a great addition to the neighborhood.”

Huahua’s serves up ten different types of tacos on their menu, ranging from the traditional favorites to the more unique variety, such as tacos filled with fried chicken or BBQ short ribs – and even Vegan options. Rounding out the restaurant’s whimsical menu is build-your-own nachos, grilled corn, popsicles and Mexican sodas.

And that cute mascot that is pictured throughout the restaurant? That’s Jalapeña, Boels’ chihuahua, making it only fitting that Huahuas is also very pet friendly, offering treats and water bowls for their four legged patrons.

Curious what Erickson’s favorite taco is? Or whether he prefers corn or flour tortillas? Check out the video above to find out all those details and more.

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