Catalan Brunch at NIU Kitchen

When we heard that one of our favorite spots in town, NIU Kitchen, launched a brunch menu we couldn’t wait to check it out. Of course the menu didn’t disappoint us with its take on the popular meal.

The menu isn’t your typical brunch menu — no pancakes and waffles anywhere to be found. Instead NIU’s brunch leans more on the lunch side with plenty of savory dishes like Esmorzar with botifarra, bacon, fried egg and sautéed white beans; Arròs which is a Catalan-style rice served with baby-back ribs and spinach; and a middle neck clam Cloïsses made with sofrito, diced jam jamon iberico and sherry vinegar.

Plenty of lighter, fruit and vegetable filled items can also be found on NIU’s brunch menu with some of our favorites being Watermelon Gazpacho filled with shrimp, cucumbers and scallions; Meló served with melon, yogurt, raspberries, grated Manchego cheese and jamon iberico; and the fresh Wahoo Crudo served with a lemon vinaigrette, apple puree and trout roe. If you are looking for something on the sweeter side, make sure to check out the menu’s dessert options with Pa Amb Llet made with bread soaked in milk, cinnamon, lemon, crema catalana brulee, and tangerine gelato being the standout at the table.

Of course it wouldn’t be a proper brunch without a boozy beverage and NIU has lots of them on the menu. Since the restaurant only serves beer and wine, it got creative with its offerings with drinks like Bodas de Sangre where Juve y Camps meets Pedro Ximenez; Cadamom-Scented Mimosa made with cardamom-infused orange juice; a jasmine-infused Wildflower Gessami Spritzer and the brunch-appropriate Cafe Montserrat made with coffee and cream Catalana.

Want to see the dishes for yourself? Check out the tasty pics below or hit up NIU’s brunch offered every weekend from 1 to 4 p.m.

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