Anna Robbins / Coyo Taco

Coyo Taco, the colorful taqueria located right in the heart of Wynwood, recently opened its “secret” back bar that features one of the largest mezcal and tequila collections in Miami. Chat Chow TV sat down with one of Coyo’s partners, Anna Robbins, to find out more about the space, its unusual cocktails and her favorite tacos.

Robbins is a self-proclaimed lover of mezcal and tequila and her aim is to teach the people in Miami to appreciate it as much as she does. But she tells Chat Chow that shooting the tequila isn’t the way to go at Coyo’s bar.

“At Coyo we sip tequila, we don’t shoot it,” notes Robbins. “We’re the more sophisticated Wynwood. It’s a different kind of culture.”

The bar also uses the popular ‘paletas,’ a traditional Mexican popsicle, found on the Coyo menu in some of the cocktails — most notably the ‘palerita,’ a margarita made with crushed up paletas.

Up in the front of the space is the actual taqueria, which serves classic and not-so-classic tacos. Robbins says her favorite are the seafood and veggie-filled tacos, like the Pulpo made with charred octopus or the Nopales filled with grilled cactus and quinoa, but meat lovers have plenty of options too.

And what’s the best thing to wash all those tacos down with? A Don Julio margarita to-go, sold right in the front window late into the evening.

“We’re taking advantage of it before they crack down on us,” says Anna with a laugh.

Curious which popular spirit Coyo has on draft? Or what Robbins “all time favorite” drink is? Find out all that and more in the video above.

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