A Seafood Lovers Dream at Mignonette’s Brunch

Looking for a fucking fancy brunch? Of course you are, you are fancy after all. Then head over to Mignonette’s brunch for its take on the popular weekend meal. Offered every Saturday and Sunday from 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. it has a little something for everyone.

While it originally introduced its brunch menu late last year, Mignonette recently revamped it to add a larger variety of dishes and we got the chance to check them out. Lunchtime favorites like like the Egg Salad and Caviar made with 3/4 oz serving of Sturgeon caviar on top of brioche is now making an appearance on the brunch menu along with the Warm Croissants with lobster butter and mango jam.

The restaurant’s Scrambles now include a proper omelet with Mortadella and muenster cheese in addition to the scrambles made with shrimp, asparagus and sausage and cauliflower, peas, parmesan cheese and tomato. Seafood-filled Egg Benedicts served on a Portuguese buns were a hit at our brunch with the one we tried being topped with Maine lobster and hollandaise sauce. If you are looking for something a bit heartier, check out one of the Quiche offerings like its crab-filled quiche made with piquillo peppers, shallots, roaster garlic and pimento cheese.

For those who like sweets for breakfast, or really anytime of the day, the Brioche French Toast topped with a maple cream anglaise is the newest sweet item to hit the brunch menu and can be eaten as an entree, or in our case, dessert.

And like a wise woman once said, “brunch without booze is just a sad breakfast,” so naturally cocktails were a must. We sipped on all three of the drink offerings including the Plain and Fancy Mimosas along with its signature House Aperitif made with champagne, Banyuls vinegar, candied shallots and pink peppercorns.

Check out the fucking fancy pictures below and make sure to hit up Mignonette the next time you’re in a brunching mood.

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