Kaido’s Cocktail Menu 2.0 Ramps Up The Asian Flair

After being open for nearly a year, Kaido, Brad Kilgore’s Asian-inspired hotspot is ready to release the 2.0 version of its cocktail menu. Nico de Soto is still the man behind the menu, while Zabdi Cobon helms the bar day-to-day. Keeping with the Asian theme, the new cocktail menu features riffs on classic cocktails like the Nikkei Sour is a pisco based sour made with chicha morada, lemon juice, egg glair, yuzu bitters, and nori. It tastes just as pretty as it looks, as it’s served in a traditional masu cup and delicately decorated.

Margarita drinkers will gravitate toward the Cornishiwa, a corn-forward cocktail with a lovely Asian twist made with Altos tequila, Vide Del Maguey mezcal infused togarashi corn reduction, lime juice, dark sesame oil, and a mini elote.

The Aogashima Ice Tea is the answer to tea time for those who like theirs boozy. The vodka-based drink is made with Absolut Elyx & Linie Aquavit infused lemon verbana, peach sencha tea syrup, lemon juice, umeshu, and topped with soda.

The Shiitake Old Fashioned whose umami flavors add a wonderful earthy touch. It’s made with Legent Bourbon infused shiitake mushroom, PX El Maestro, roasted cocoa maple syrup, and black walnut bitters.

The glassware for the Sakura is easily one of the most eye-catching vessels on the menu. This drink is made using a few out of the box ingredients, that are typically hard to come by. This extra dry drink is made with Ohishi Sherry Cask, Mancino Sakura Vermouth, and bamboo bitters.

The aptly named Godzilla is a delicious twist on a classic flip made with Redemption Rye, alameda cream sherry, rice milk anko matcha syrup, whole egg, that’s dusted with black slat and crunchie. The red bean, matcha, and rice milk make this cocktail a very easy drinker perfect for any time of the day.

The Hatemura Batida is a cachaca style piña colada made with coconut yogurt and ube syrup that causes the cocktail to be beautiful purple color served in a rocks glass with a delicate flower perched on top of the foamy top, garnished with a cute paper umbrella.

Sakura / Godzilla / Hatemura Batida

As with any trendy cocktail menu, there’s a milk-washed rum punch. Blue Okinawan is made with Banks 7, Plantation OFTD, Batavia Arrack, pineapple, tamarind, ceylan black tea, coconut water, and blue magic garnished with a slice of dried pineapple. Other cocktails include the Buruu Beril, a twist on a French 75, made with brown butter and tonka beans, and a bit of blueberry or the Kinako Martini, an espresso martini made with Grey Goose and Guinness Black Treacle syrup. The Culantro Negroni made with Bombay Sapphire, Martini Rubino, Campari, and culantro leaves is simple with an added cooked element. The menu’s featured gimlet is made with Barley Mizu Shochu infused with licorice, and rhubarb cordial — appropriately named Rhubarb Gimlet — it’s tart with just the right amount of an anise undertone. 

Kaido also features happy hour every Tuesday through Saturday from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. with an array of $7 cocktails and of course the Kaido Pickleback (a shot of Suntory Toki and a shot of shiitake brine) for just $5.

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