Friends of Chat Chow Share Their New Year’s Resolutions

We can all agree that 2016 was one for the record books — in a good or bad way, well, that’s up to you. But as 2017 quickly approaches, we asked some of our favorite food and drink pros around town to share with us on what they resolve to do in the new year. Here’s what they had to say:

Makoto Okuwa (MakotoHmmm … if I were shooting for the stars I’d say to open a new restaurant and be named the best new restaurant but no plans are in the works right now.

Aaron Brooks (Edge Steak & Bar) Nothing yet. Trying to make it through 2016 alive.

Suzy Batlle (Azucar Ice Cream) I’m gonna get me a husband!

Keith Levesque (Sugar FactoryDown N’ Dirty Tacos and Tequila BarMy new year’s resolution is to volunteer more and give to charities. I would like to devote more time and energy for those in need in our community.

Jason Odio (Baby Jane / Ariete) Making ramen great again lol

Jean Paul (The Arketekt by Aficionados) My resolution would be to have more restaurants serving great simple foods that live up to the dish’s name, at a fair price.

Brad Kilgore (Alter / BRAVA) Trying to get time to find the beach that people keep telling me about.

Elad Zvi (The Broken Shaker / The Anderson) Spending more time with my family and trying to be less stressful

Craig Wallen (Le ZooI have resolved to eat more foie gras, caviar, dry aged steak, and seafood plateaus. I also resolve to wash it down with nothing but the finest champagne. Life’s too short.

Eileen Andrade (Finka Table & Tap) Try to actually use the gym instead of just paying for it.

Michael Beltran (Ariete) To hug at least one person on my staff daily.

Miguel Rebolledo (Bulla Gastrobar) My new year’s resolution for my career is to work with more local, organic and seasonal  ingredients. I also want to challenge myself to eat healthier and exercise more through outside sports, both difficult tasks for chefs.

David Rosendorf (Frodnesor) Write about a few places BEFORE they go out of business.

Gabriel Urrutia (Jordan Vineyard & Winery) To cook a little more from popular cook books.

Julio Cabrera (Red ShakerOpen my own family bar honoring my dad.

Heath Porter (Uvaggio) I resolve to avoid eating any menu that includes foams, dirts or airs. I will also skip any spot that serves sliders, $23 french dips and caters to “Foodies” and insists on being “farm to table”. If your food doesn’t come from a farm then WTfuck is it? Sysco freezer to deep fryer? I also resolve to avoid drinking wine at any establishment that serves Cougar juice (Rombauer or other shitty over oaked chardonnay) or that serves Bro juice (the Prisoner or any other mega purple laden swill with 15+ % alcohol) if I wanted butter and alcoholic blueberry jam and I would go to Waffle house and carry a flask of rubbing alcohol!

Michael Lewis (KYUI don’t really do New Year’s resolutions as I think they are a sure fire way to ensure that whatever you choose to concentrate on NEVER happens.

Giorgio Rapicavoli (Eating House / Glass & Vine) Resolve a wedding/honeymoon panza. But in reality it’s to completely reduce waste at Eating House. Making things like demi-glacé with the seeds and tissues of pumpkins and flavoring semifreddo with toasted sweet potato skins.

Nedal Ahmad (Pincho Factory) I’m like the least interesting guy when it comes to resolutions. I just want to sleep more lol

Diego Oka (La Mar) Eating healthier, be on time and maybe stop smoking.

Miguel Gomez (Pisco y NazcaIn the professional sense, I hope this new year presents more opportunities for traveling to continue gaining knowledge about new cultures and cuisines. Personally, I want to work on making healthy choices and exercising.

John Lermayer (Sweet Liberty) To have less than 350 hangovers.

Piyarat “Bee” Arreeratn (NaiYaRa) Health, Fitness & Success!

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