Sweet Liberty is one of the best bars in America & the new menu continues to prove that!

Just off the heels of another prestigious award at this year’s Spirited Awards at Tales of the Cocktail, Sweet Liberty is not playing it cool and riding the wave.  John Lermayer & Dan Binkiewicz with their talented team of bartenders continue to push the envelope on what we’re drinking on Miami Beach.

The first thing on the agenda was bringing on a new Director of Operations/GM for Sweet Liberty.  Ben Carlotto, a legend in the industry, with over 20 years of experience bartending, as well as mentoring and educating bartenders all over the world, was brought on to continue Sweet Liberty’s commitment to being one of the best.

We had a chance to trade jokes and talk shop with the always incredible Tyler Kitzman and badass barman, Davide Borgia.

Here are our favorites from the menu:

Rye Tai
Jamaican Rum, Overproof Rye, lime, orgeat, passion fruit bitters


Spirited Miami’s (SM) Take:  A tiki cocktail? Yes please!  We love this take as it’s still boozy but balanced with flavor.  The homemade orgeat kicks it over the edge for a Miami tiki session.  This is Miami bro!

Pancho Reyes
Caña Brava Rum, Ancho Reyes Verde, dill, lime, honey, egg white

SM’s Take: Dill was the inspiration for this cocktail but is not the lead flavor, it’s easy to let dill takeover a cocktail but it’s not the case here.  There are earthy, vegetal notes that let the rum stand on its own.  Great texture with a hint of dill and you have a surprisingly balanced cocktail.

Katie’s Flower Shop
El Tesoro Reposado, St. Germain, egg white, orange blossom, lemon, lavender, Pastis wash

SM’s take:  A beautiful complex cocktail with aromatic & floral notes, made with one of the best tequilas in the world (yes, seriously).  The pastis wash adds another layer of elegance to this delectable cocktail.

Que Piña
The Botanist Gin, Green Chartreuse, pineapple/sage shrub

SM’s take:  Big Chartreuse fans here! We love how the herbaceous spirit doesn’t get lost and has great synergy with the gin.  Add the pineapple/sage shrub and you have a refreshing summer cocktail that’s sure to please even the pickiest of drinkers.

Iggy’s Pop
Amaro Montenegro, Campari, Coca-Cola

SM’s take:  It took us a second to look at the ingredients & really understand what we were about to drink.  But this gives the Cuba Libre a run for its a money.  A perfect marriage between Coca-Cola & Montenegro, while the Campari gives it the bitterness and edge that it needs and is best friends in this cocktail.  A must-have, and repeat.  We can have this one all night!

Pursue Hoppiness
MIA Mega Mix IPA, Rhum Clement Bleue

SM’s take:  We love ourselves a good boilermaker, this hoppy IPA plays perfectly off Rhum Clement bringing out aromatic & floral notes.  A perfect pairing and a change of pace from the cocktails.  We love these together!

We really enjoyed all the local and tropical flavors on this menu. It plays off the Miami heat while maintaining spirit forward cocktails and having fun at the same time.  Stop in for their awesome happy hours, live bands and delicious food!