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The Champagne Bar at Le Sirenuse inside the Four Seasons Hotel at The Surf Club. is the kind of place one goes when they want to receive royal treatment in Miami. From the bartenders in perfectly pressed white coats to the drinks made with elegance and class, every moment feels like a special occasion. 

In July, bar manager Jacopo Rosito and lead bartender Valentino Longo released a new cocktail menu, proudly named Amore Eterno, inspired by an incredible trip through Italy’s Amalfi Coast. During this trip of a lifetime, they met locals who told their stories and impacted the two Miami bartenders in such a way that they set out to create a menu featuring cocktails to honor eight of their most special encounters.

The Amore Eterno menu features:

Mandolini Di Sorrento Meaning The Mandolini of Sorrento in Paolo & Andrea, Positano

Since 1993, Franco and Andrea, a mandolin and guitar duo, have been fixtures at Le Sirenuse’s La Sponda restaurant. Love and passion are at the core of what they do every single night.

Affectionately known as The Musician, this take on a Manhattan is made with Bulleit Bourbon, Mancino Vermouth Chinato, Martini Bitter, banana and coffee and is served with a tiny guitar and a handmade truffle filled with the cocktail.

The Musician with Bulleit Bourbon, Mancino Vermouth Chinato, Martini Bitter, banana and coffee

Contadini Volanti Meaning Flying Farmers from Aceto, Amalfi

It all started in 1825 with Salvetore Aceto in the small town of Ravello. Now centuries later, thousands of lemon trees have been planted on the mountainside along the plunging coastline of the Meditteranean.

Inspired by lemon farmers, this cocktail features Bombay Sapphire, Italicus Bergamot Liqueur, Rinomato Americano Bianco, celery, and spearmint. It’s a refreshing twist on a classic gin and tonic.

Il Vino Sul Mare Meaning The Wine Over the Sea, Marisa Cuomo, Furore

Amid pergola-trained vines and steep rocks that overlook the deep gorges, you will find Catine Marisa Cuomo. The cliffside vineyards may be a stark contrast to the sweeping vineyard landscapes of other wine regions, but it is this unexpected location that yields something special.

Imagine a summery rose cocktail made with Gra`it Grappa, Cocchi Rosa, pomace & tannins, fresh watermelon, topped with soda.

Il Figlio Del Vesuvio Meaning The Son of Vesuvio from Eligo, Ottaviano

In an area of South Naples, near the northern slopes of Mount Vesuvius, is where you will find local treasure that dates back centuries – the Pomodorino Piennolo del Vesuvio.

After discovering some of the best tomatoes they’ve ever tasted, this cocktail is meant to recreate an elegant bloody Mary with a kick made with Grey Goose, Del Maguey Chichicapa, sour apple, spicy tomato water, and burnt lemon oil.

La Valle Dei Mulini Meaning The Mill Valley from Pastificio Gentile, Gragnano

In the quaint town of Gragnano, Italy, Alberto Zampino and his family are known as true pastai – pasta makers – long standing custodians of a nation’s pasta tradition since 1876.

This cocktail is made with Absolut Elyx, salted Pernod, wheat orgeat and tropical sherbet served in a custom painted pasta glass with a thick pasta straw, topped with chili threads.

La Valle Dei Mulini with Absolut Elyx, salted Pernod, wheat orgeat and tropical sherbet

Il Sapore Di Cetara Meaning The Taste of Cetara from Nettuno, Cetara

The town of Cetera lies halfway between Amalfi and Salerno and from afar appears to be no more than pastel-hued houses that trickle down to the coastline, a watchtower overlooking the sapphire seas and a fishing port. But, it’s the latter that feeds the souls of those who live there. A fishing town by virtue, Cetera has become renowned for anchovies.

More refreshing than it one might think, this highball is made with The Glenlivet 15, Martini Ambrato, JoJo Bespoke tea, citrus, balsamic, and soda garnished with anchovy paste. 

Le Signorine Meaning Ladies of the Sea from Paolo Sandulli, Praiano

Situated in an ancient stone watchtower high above the crashing waves of the sea below, you’ll find the workspace of Paolo Sandulli. Inside, prepare to be transported into the beautiful mind of an artist, where bikini-clad women are suspended mid-air in the midst of a graceful dive, and others flaunt hair coiffed entirely from sea sponge.

A fun play on a martini, this cocktail is made with Tanqueray 10, Cocchi Americano, Tio Pepe, and three types of edible artistic paint decorating the glass in the green, white, and red of the Italian flag creating a different experience with each sip as it goes from a dirty martini, to a 50/50, to a Martinez. 

The Legacy Inspired by Antonio and Carla Sersale of the original Le Sirenuse in Positano

If a picture is worth a thousand words, the panoramic vistas of Positano outside of Le Sirenuse counts for a million. Owned and operated by the Sersale family, it is a place filled to the brim with memories to be enjoyed by close friends and lovers alike.

The Legacy is an incredible cocktail named to honor both the original Le Sirenuse in Positano and our dear friend and mentor John Lermayer — as you’ll notice the use of Krug, his preferred drink of choice. This pricy cocktail ($185) serves two people and is made with Avion Silver, Lillet Blanc, rectified cassis, and Krug Champagne with the remaining champagne from the 375ml bottle given whomever orders the cocktail.

While the prices may be higher than your average cocktail, a trip to Le Sirenuse is absolutely worth the splurge for those celebrating a special occasion or even a living ones best life on a random Tuesday.  

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