Sweet Liberty Drinks & Supply Co. quietly opens for business last week and we were there!

Sweet Liberty Drinks & Supply Co., a new bar in the up and coming Collins Park area of Miami Beach, finally opened Friday evening! Friends and family gathered for the long awaited opening with the likes of famed bartender Julio Cabrera, Regent Cocktail Club as well as celebrity photographer Seth Browarnik, World Red Eye,  amongst many others.

Photo courtesy of Matt Hirschenbein
Photo courtesy of Matt Hirschenbein

Sweet Liberty is a neighborhood cocktail with a homegrown concept with world-class cocktails and creative American food.  The idea for the bar is from award-winning bartender John Lermayer & Dan Binkiewicz alongside restaurateur David Martinez.

Cocktails, delicious food and great hospitality is what was served on Friday night with bartenders serving great cocktails and fresh oysters.  The burger was one of the best we’ve tasted in quite awhile.

Bartenders Choice, Photo by Matt Hirschenbein
Bartenders Choice, Photo by Matt Hirschenbein

The cocktail menu is broken into two parts:  “House cocktails” (which were created by Sweet Liberty) and “The Classics”, which are carefully made classic cocktails to the exact formulation.

Photo courtesy of Gabe Urrutia
Photo courtesy of Gabe Urrutia

Here are our favorites:

House Cocktails

The Pace Car
Blanc Vermouth, Grapefruit Bitters, Perrier, Grapefruit Peel

Notes:  Easy drinking, fragrant and citrusy.  Great to start the night or to “pace yourself”.  A very sessionable cocktail.

The Gin Drink
Gin, Creme de Peche, Lemon Juice, Orange Blossom, Egg White, Matcha

Notes:  A delicious cocktail that reminded us of a Ramos Gin Fizz made for Miami Beach.

The Classics

Air Mail
Rum, Lime, Honey, Bubbles

Notes:  A delicious cocktail with bubbles and rum, this has Miami Beach written all over it.  Made for the warm summer nights.

Tommy’s Margarita
Simply the best mix of blanco Tequila, Organic Agave Nectar, and Freshly Squeeze Lime Juice

Notes:  A nod to the famed bartender and tequila expert Julio Bermejo, who is the gentlemen behind the bar at Tommy’s in San Francisco for over 30 years and where the Tommy’s Margarita is named after.  If you are in San Francisco, stop in, it has one of the best tequila selections in the world.

This bar automatically gets on the map as one of the top bars in Miami.  Cocktails are perfectly made, the staff and hospitality are perfection and will continue to get better.  The music is on point.  Decor, seating and bar are comfortable and inviting.  Bring lots of friends, grab a drink on the menu and some oysters, you won’t be disappointed.

Sweet Liberty will be opening this Thursday at 4pm and will be open 7 days a week from 4pm to 5 am.