Roy Choi / Sunny Spot / Kogi BBQ

Known for breaking the rules, Roy Choi’s dropped a handful of LPs that’ve challenged people to eat with their souls instead of their brains. During the Kogi era, street food was crowned king as Roy tapped into his own veins, digging deep into the base flavors that raised him on the streets of LA. The Chego album glorifies college dorm food and rice bowls to the max with a swagger and braggadocio that only OG peasant food can carry. A-Frame is rife with hit singles, each one a simple pocket into the bright spots of his childhood. But for now, the history lessons are over and the nostalgia will have to wait for another day. There comes a point in every artist’s career when he leaves in search of new sounds and flavors to challenge everything he already knows and everything he understands to be true. For Roy Choi, Sunny Spot is that one record that will change his entire game.

About Sunny Spot

What’s Sunny Spot? Think roadside cook shop, where Roy Choi’s in the kitchen and every day’s a holiday. Here you’ll find sticky, crackling, double-fried jerk chicken, rum-glazed prawns and plates of fried pig’s feet. Brown sugar short ribs scented with Old World spices will vanish under hungry hands while the plate is still hot-hot-hot. Fingers are to be licked, conversations are to be had later… because, for the most part, everyone’s here to EAT.

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