Jean-luc Kayigire / Muka

Jean-luc Kayigire, Owner of Muka chats with us about “Beaucanon” Cabernet Franc, “Deus” champagne beer, burgers and the story behind the name Muka.

About Muka

Named after Owner Jean-luc Kayigire’s mother, Muka is San Francisco’s first underground lounge focusing on wine and dessert. Our aim is to create an intimate community of local patrons as well as visitors who linger over their libations, chat and connect. Muka boasts a unique location – a cozy subterranean hideaway on the campus of San Francisco’s Alliance Française, a French language and cultural center. Enter through the Alliance’s blue metal gates, descend the circular stairway, move through tall racks of wines and you emerge into the main dining area with tables against the walls and plenty of standing room for mingling. An intimate bar area encourages interaction with customers and two side lounges offer privacy for small groups. Please join us to drink, taste, and chat or mingle!

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