Roca Brothers Bring Number One Restaurant in the World to Miami for a Pop-Up Dinner Event

Earlier this month the chefs from the number one restaurant in the world, El Celler de Can Roca, came to Miami to create a pop-up dinner experience for some very lucky guests aboard the SeaFair Yacht.

The Roca brothers include the restaurant’s executive chef Joan, its pastry chef Jordi and its sommelier Josep. The dinner was part of a three year partnership with Spanish bank BBVA, where the brothers close up shop at their namesake restaurant for a few weeks a year and embark on a world tour to re-create their Catalonian cuisine for guests around the globe. This year Miami was one of the five stops in the tour and we sat down with Josep to find out about the dinners and why they chose to visit Miami.

The Miami dinner showcased not only flavors from their world tour but reflects their roots as well, with one course dedicated to their parent’s bar in Spain that they all grew up working in.

“The second appetizer [of the meal] is dedicated to our parents, our bar, our restaurant,” Josep adds. “Our parents are still cooking in this space and are 82 years old and 79 years old and still cooking.”

Each location the chefs visited during their world tour inspired elements on the meal. Due to Miami’s proximity to Cuba, one of the dishes served was called, “A Trip to Havana” and was an ode to the area and its influence on Miami.

Curious which restaurant in Miami the brothers were most impressed by? Or their thoughts on being compared to legendary restaurant ElBulli? Find out all that and more in the video above.

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