Ichimi Serves Creative Ramen and Authentic Izakaya Bites in Coral Gables

Miami is seriously behind on its ramen game, but newcomer Ichimi is hoping to change that with its modern Japanese, ramen-centric menu. Chat Chow sat down with its executive chef Kosme Sanchez to learn more about the concept, menu highlights and what sets its ramen apart.

The star of the ramen menu is the Tonkotsu created with a pork-based broth that is cooked for 24 hours and then filled with pork belly, hanjuku egg and bamboo shoots. Other favorites include the vegetarian friendly Garden ramen made with shōyu, Shiitake and Nameko mushrooms, mung bean, scallions, bamboo shoots and red pepper along with a brisket and seafood variety. Each ramen bowl contains homemade noodles, created with the help of one of the area’s only authentic noodle-making machines imported from Japan and one of only ten in the country.

But ramen isn’t the only thing on the menu. Ichimi serves a full Izakaya menu filled with dishes that run the gamut in variety and flavor. Traditional housemade gyoza dumplings make an appearance on Ichimi’s menu in beef, seafood, pork and vegetable variations along with the ever popular Pork Belly and Fried Oyster buns.

Curious how many noodles Ichimi goes through in an average day? (Hint: it’s a lot) Or what Sanchez’s favorite dish is? Find out all that in more in the video above.

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