Fooq’s Brunch Offers Hearty Dishes on its Newly Opened Patio

There’s no denying that one of the best things to do on the weekend is to hit up a tasty brunch, and Fooq’s new Saturday-only brunch certainly didn’t disappoint. Launched during Art Basel, it showcase a variety of unique homestyle dishes from its new executive chef Bryan Rojas.

To coincide with the launch of brunch, Fooq’s has also now opened its new outdoor patio area, which is a beautiful little nook adjacent to the restaurant that is lined with Cuban tiles and greenery fit.

Fooq’s brunch has interesting twists on plenty of brunch classics. Highlights included the French Toast with macerated berries, toasted almonds, spiced chantilly cream and buttered maple; Lox Tartine on toasted pumpernickel, soft scrambled egg, crème fraîche and fresh pickled herbs; Duck & Foie Hash with roasted peppers, sweet onions and sunny side up egg; Croque Mounsier with shaved turkey, raclette and béchamel; Carbonara Pasta made with schellers bacon, parmesano and black pepper; and Choripapa with chorizo and hand cut fries, which might be the best hangover cure in Miami.

And what’s brunch without a drink (or six)? Fooq’s has you covered with its twist on Sangria made with rosé wine and seasonal fruit along with the brunch staple, mimosas. Get a look of the delicious dishes below and don’t forget to make Fooq’s a stop on your weekend brunch rotation.

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