Tacology Taqueria Brings Tacos and Heavenly Corn Bread Pudding to Brickell City Centre

Just when you thought that the taco wave had died down, the people behind Cantina La Veinte have gone and opened a massive Mexican operation in Brickell City Centre dubbed Tacology Taqueria. While this is certainly no Taquiza (we LOVE Taquiza), the taqueria/market is in fact using the same dried heritage Masienda corn as local taco wizard Steve Santana, as well as revered chefs like Enrique Olvera (Cosme) and Alex Stupak (Empellon) in New York. On a recent Thursday afternoon, there were suits talking business deals over tacos and cervezas; ladies who lunch savoring their respite from shopping with ceviches and salads; and tourists vacationing where we live and enjoying their time away from home with copious mezcal cocktails and nachos at 1 p.m.

As for us, we fall into the observer/researcher category, and in the name of research, ate much of our way through the menu: an amalgamation of appetizers like a colossal Chicharron hung as if it were laundry for you to break off into edible pieces and chorizo or mushroom Queso Fundido; Mexican specialties like Nachos, Chilaquiles, Frijoles Negros with queso fresco, Tostadas, and of course Tacos.


Start with cocktails, specifically the Beso De Muerte, which aptly translates to kiss of death and mixes vida mezcal, passion fruit, agave, egg whites and jalapeño. La Catrina, a Mexican style rum coquito was just as easy to sip and love. Ceviches range from the veggie-forward heirlooms and farro to shrimp, snapper, hamachi, and octopus. Tostadas are equally diverse—think rock shrimp tempura with chipotle mayo and guacamole yuzu, tuna tataki with seaweed and shishito peppers, or octopus with guac, roasted corn, and chipotle mayo. And don’t forget to Taco, especially considering there are over 20 varieties running the gamut from cactus or scrambled eggs to lobster or ceviche to all the usual meat options like pastor, carnitas, cochinita pibil, barbacoa y mucho mas.

Pro tip: don’t overdo it on the tacos—dessert is where it’s at. While you might be tempted by the delightful Guava Cheesecake, the sweet meets savory and spicy Mexican Chocolate Cake topped with foam and hazelnut, or the carrot cake with ginger mascarpone and carrot ice cream (be sure to wash any of these down with the shockingly good house made Horchata), the Corn Bread Pudding with cajeta and vanilla ice cream will have you daydreaming about it till (and) the next time you’ll meet again.

Till then…there’s always taco-ing about it.

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