Shake Up National Margarita Day with Mandarine Napoléon

While we are firm believers that every day is National Margarita Day, today (February 22nd) marks the official drinking holiday, which means celebrations (and multiple margaritas) are in imbibing order.

To upgrade the classic drink, add some Mandarine Napoléon to the mix, which enhances this cocktail by adding body, freshness and spice, adding a versatile, yet distinct flavor to the drink. Below is the recipe to make Mandarine Napoléon’s version, the Imperial Margarita. But if you’re in the mood to have someone else make it for you, you can get it at The Anderson.

Imperial Margarita
1 pt. Mandarine Napoléon
2 pts. 100% Agave Tequila
1 pt. Fresh Lime Juice
.5 pt. Agave Nectar
Shake all ingredients and strain into a margarita glass or over fresh ice in a rocks glass with salted rim and lime wheel

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