And here are the winners of the 2016 Pineapple Awards presented by Absolut Elyx (insert drumroll here)!

What an honor and a pleasure to host the 1st annual Pineapple Awards presented by Absolut Elyx honoring the best in Miami.  We understand the importance of recognizing the best we have in Miami and we take it very seriously (while having a lot of fun along the way).  Thank you for all that voted and thank you to the nominees for your undying effort in making Miami cocktail culture better.  We hear you loud and clear, the awards will be bigger and better for 2017!

Our 2016 Pineapple Awards presented by Absolut Elyx are:

Best Local Beer Selection:
We wanted to highlight a selection that made Miami proud, featuring a local selection, as well as research done on breweries across the nation.

People’s Choice: The Abbey
Editor’s Choice: Boxelder

Rising Bar Star:
A new up and comer, who has made a name for themselves early on. Works hard, thrives on education and mentorship.

People’s Choice: Tyler Kitzman (Sweet Liberty)
Editor’s Choice: Eleftherios “Lef Lef” Kraounakis (Copper 29)

 Best Wine Program
A wine program who doesn’t give in to the industry standard and understands the importance of having incredible wines on hand with a selection chosen to elevate the cuisine.

People’s Choice: The Forge
Editor’s Choice: The Setai

Best Hidden Gem
A bar that is not frequented by the masses but has great cocktails and a laid back vibe that is off the beaten path.

People’s Choice: Better Days
Editor’s Choice: Better Days

Best New Product
Miami is not the easiest place to make people happy, but when you have just the right liquid and people love it in Miami, you know you made it.

People’s Choice: Rutte Celery Gin
Editor’s Choice: Whisky Toki

Best Liquor Store
A liquor store with an incredible selection and a knowledgeable staff. A place we know we can count on when we’re missing that obscure liqueur.

People’s Choice: Total Wine
Editor’s Choice: Total Wine

Best Industry Professional
A person who is not behind the bar but continues to give as much outside of it as in. Whether it be a supplier or distributor representative, a person that tries to elevate Miami cocktail culture.

People’s Choice: Alex Alfonso (Breakthru Beverage)
Editor’s Choice: Alex Alfonso (Breakthru Beverage)

Best Brand Ambassador
A representative of their brand, while still keeping Miami top of mind, this person is always trying to make Miami’s cocktail culture a better place.

People’s Choice: Hillary Choo (Bacardi)
Editor’s Choice: Teresa Cesario (Absolut Elyx)

Best New Bar
Another place we can call home in Miami that hits the ground running with great bartenders and hospitality.

People’s Choice: Sweet Liberty
Editor’s Choice: Sweet Liberty

Best Restaurant Bar
It’s not always easy having incredible food and incredible cocktails, sometimes things fall on the wayside… but not in these bars.

People’s Choice: 27 Restaurant
Editor’s Choice: Matador Bar

Best Hotel Bar
What better place to drink and meet a friend than at a hotel bar. These bars do it the best in Miami.

People’s Choice: The Broken Shaker
Editor’s Choice: The Broken Shaker

Best High Volume Bar
It’s Friday night and the whole city is out having cocktails. Where can you get an incredible cocktail with a smile? These bars do it best.

People’s Choice: Bodega
Editor’s Choice: Blackbird Ordinary

Best Cocktail Menu
A cocktail menu is in the DNA of the every cocktail bar. Design, authenticity and consistency always comes to mind.

People’s Choice: The Broken Shaker
Editor’s Choice: Sweet Liberty

Bartender of the Year
A person who is involved in every part of the process in making their bar one of the best in Miami. From operations to cocktail creation and beyond, these are the best in Miami.

People’s Choice: Ben Potts
Editor’s Choice: John Lermayer

Bar of the Year
A place that is just top notch, amazing ambiance, cocktail menu, consistent and a great team. The whole enchilada. These are the best.

People’s Choice: Sweet Liberty
Editor’s Choice: Sweet Liberty