Winter Wonderlamb

Celebrating the first annual Winter Wonderlamb, five of Miami’s best chefs presented their winter lamb dishes at a strolling dinner party on Thursday, November 13 at The Dutch Miami.

Chefs included official “lambassador” Aaron Brooks of EDGE Steak & Bar at Four Seasons Miami, Jacob Anaya of OTC, Josh Elliott of L’echon Brasserie, Sean Brasel of Meat Market, and hosting chef Conor Hanlon of The Dutch.

Edge served up a Aussie lamb pistachio terrine with sweet and spicy mustard along with roasted lamb with preserved lemons, salsa verde, white bean and olive salad. The Dutch went the curry routed with its Vadovan curried Aussie lamb stew served in a pita. Meat Market did a classic take on lamb with a boneless Aussie lamb loin with cranberry mustard, pistachio, crispy kale and aju amarillo pumpkin puree. L’Echon was given Spanish ingredients which inspired its dish of top blade beef sashimi, compressed melon, honey, and serrano with lamb shank and potato confit, while OTC served its take on a meatball made with Aussie lamb.

The night ended on a sweet note with a make-your-own ice cream sundae bar with unique combinations that kept the crowd coming back for seconds (and thirds). Take a look at the images below to see all the Aussie lamb goodness.

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