Recap / #BourbonMonth Dinner at Swine

Just like bourbon, I see no real reason not to have foie gras at any point of the day,” said Swine Southern Kitchen & Bar Executive Chef Phil Bryant.

And with that introduction, the four-course Bulleit Bourbon and Chat Chow TV meal at Swine began. The foie-gras filled dinner was a progression of the three meals of the day: breakfast, lunch and dinner, with each course paired with a Bulleit Bourbon cocktail created by Robert Ferrara.

The breakfast themed amuse bouche was a foie gras “Cortadito” served with a foie gras espuma, celery root macaroon and a cayenne swizzle stick. It paired nicely with “The Stray Bulleit” welcome cocktail made with Bulleit 10yr, Galliano Ristretto, Antica Formula, Mole Bitters, Filthy Black Cherry and Burnt Orange. The combination helped get everyone’s palates perked up.

For the first course, the breakfast theme was still going strong with the decadent “Seared Foie Gras Pancakes” consisting of Johnny Cakes topped with marinated foie gras, duck ham, duck eggs, bourbon maple syrup, and hot sauce hollandaise. Paired with the pancakes was the restaurant favorite, the “Swine Old Fashioned” made with Bacon Fat Washed Bulleit Bourbon, Grade-A Maple Syrup, Swine Bitters and Orange Zest.

The lunch inspired second course was a “Foie Gras and Smoked Pork Belly Tart” filled with a smoked gruyere, tomato, fine herbs, greens and topped with a champagne cider vinaigrette. To channel the “lady who lunches” mystique it was paired with a “Fools Gold,” Ferrara’s play on a champagne cocktail made with Bulleit Bourbon, Honey, Lemon, Whiskey Barrel Aged Bitters, and Celery Soda.

For the dinner course, a deconstructed “Foie Gras Beef Wellington” was served with mushrooms, pastry crust, bone marrow, and sauce perigueux. It was the definite crowd favorite and served with a “Full Clip” cocktail made with Bulleit Bourbon, Oloroso Sherry, Benadictine, Apple Jack Brandy, Orange Bitters and Lemon Zest, which was the perfect compliment to the bone marrow and foie gras in the dish.

What would a great dining day be without dessert? The final course of the evening was a “Kentucky Derby Bourbon Pie” with salted caramel and bourbon whipped cream. While there was no foie gras in that dish, there was plenty in the “Bite the Bulleit” cocktail. Inspired by an ice cream float, the drink was served in a beer glass and made with Bulleit 10yr, Faretti Biscotti, Left Hand Milk Stout, Whole Egg and topped with a Foie Gras Ice Cream and Nutmeg. A delicious ending, to a delicious foie gras and bourbon filled night.

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