Mindy Segal / Hot Chocolate

Looking to satisfy a sweet tooth? Warm up at Mindy’s Hot Chocolate, the Wicker Park winner named not just for its selection of the comforting drink, but also for the experience of enjoying it.

Although Hot Chocolate’s well-rounded menu also features non-dessert items like juicy burgers, we’re unabashedly drawn to the saccharine side. Like, say, the variations of marshmallow-y hot chocolate goodness, and the baker’s-dozen cookie platter (there’s a chocolate chip and bacon one, you guys. Chocolate chip and bacon.).

You have James Beard award-winning pastry chef and Hot Chocolate owner Mindy Segal to thank. Chat Chow TV sat down with the sweet Chef Segal in her newly remodeled, cozy restaurant and chatted about her impressive career over hot chocolate cocktails.

Hot Chocolate’s cool concept stems from Segal’s uniquely sweet pastry perspective. “The whole idea of opening Hot Chocolate was to sort of have a restaurant that was through the eyes of the pastry chef,” she explains. “So the food’s very, sort of classic American fare. But we use a lot of local producers and absolutely, you feel the season.”

Besides hot chocolate cocktails (try the Syrup, a rich mix of cognac and eggnog hot chocolate), guests can order from a well-edited selection of wines and traditional spirits (because burgers go better with beer).

Just be sure to leave room for dessert.

“I’m always working on new cookies,” Segal warns with a smile. “I’m always having a new passion about cookies. Definitely, we always have cookies on the menu.” Watch the video above to see what other deliciously delectable flavors you could be sinking your teeth into right now.


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