The Grinder 04 / George Motz

The Grinder originally started as a written Q&A with folks who were involved with Burgers. This new version is produced by Chat Chow TV and is part interview, part roast and 100% fun. All guests do not know what exactly they are going be asked or be put through. But, hey those are the breaks if you’re gonna be on The Grinder.

About George Motz

America’s foremost hamburger expert. Since the release of his documentary film Hamburger America (on the Sundance Channel in 2005), and now the book of the same name (Running Press, 2008/2011), he has been asked daily of his opinion of where to find some of the best burgers in the country. He has taught a course on hamburgers at NYU, and has consulted for many hamburger restaurants. In 2006, Hamburger America (the Film) became required viewing in a food course at Princeton University and was nominated for a James Beard Award. Hamburger America (the book) can now be found in just about any bookstore.

A long time ago, George tried to explain to a reporter that he was a filmmaker, not a hamburger expert, but the press would have none of that. So George has resigned himself to the fact that based on his travels and intensive research maybe he really does know a lot about burgers. His passion for greasy nourishment and American nostalgia probably helps.

In his real life, George is an award-winning freelance Director of Photography based in New York City. Over the past 20 years he has worked on numerous television commercials, films, music videos, documentaries, and promos.

In 2000, George received his first New York Emmy Award for a spot lensed for Thirteen WNET. And in 2006 he took home two more New York Emmys for a WNET station ID campaign.

In 2007, George and Chef Harry Hawk created the NYC Food Film Festival, a multi-sensory film festival where food films are screened along with the food profiled in those films. The 6th Annual NYC Food Film Festival was held in Oct 2012 and 3rd Annual Chicago Food Film Festival took place Nov 2012. In 2013 the Food Film Fest added a 3rd city – Charleston.

The book Hamburger America is coming to life in the form of a television series on Travel Channel (currently in development) and the free iPod/iPad app ‘Burger GPS’ was released May 2011. The completely revised edition of Hamburger America includes 52 new burger joints (for a total of 150) and is available at bookstores everywhere.


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