Mike Bouse / Burger Boss

Mike comes from a well-rounded culinary background, having been in the catering and restaurant business for many years. In opening up Burger Boss along with his partners, Mike is back to cooking exactly what he loves – burgers and fries. Using that extensive and well-skilled background, Mike combines quality ingredients with great techniques. This brings the best Burger Boss meal to customers and it is quickly becoming a neighborhood favorite!

About Burger Boss

The Boss knows best…

Which is why so much thought was put into Burger Boss. Not just another burger joint, quality in the menu, ingredients and preparation to a thoughtfulness in environmental responsibility all around proves that we mean business.

On the Burger Boss menu, beef is 100% Angus, ingredients are all-natural and organic as available, and produce is procured locally. Everything is made to order, with plenty of create your own choices or one of our signature Boss selections. Fries are fresh cut Idaho’s or sweet potatoes, shakes are hand-packed ice cream and fruit smoothies are fresh and delicious.

We put our beliefs in sustainability, the use of renewable and recycled materials, and working a little greener into the floor plan and everyday operations. Biodegradable corn cups are used, recycled napkins are available in a one-at-a time dispenser to curb waste, which is the same for the utensil dispensers. Touches that might not be as visible include the use of LCD screens to save energy, 50% recycled multi-colored wall tiles, reduced wattage LED or CFL lights and a recycling service to gather and sort all waste.


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