Miami’s Best Bites in 2014

If you have been following us on any of our social media channels or seen our many first bites through the year, you know that in 2014, we ate. A lot. Some dishes were good, some were bad and some were downright forgettable.

Over the year we have been listing our current favorite dishes under “What You Should Eat Now” and with the year quickly winding down we figured it was time to coordinate our first ever “Best Bites” list inspired by our friend Evan Benn at

Without further ado, here are our Miami’s Best Bites of the year. (Listed in no particular order.)

Happy New Year to you and yours — and here’s to many more great bites in 2015!

Pistachio Baked Alaska from DB Bistro

Corvina Grapefruit Sorbet
from The District

Tarte L’echon
from L’echon Brasserie

Peas Beans Burrata
from Cecconis

Hot Pocket
from Blackbrick Chinese

Grilled Whole Daurade
from Lure

Chicken & Waffles
from Kush/Lokal

Beef Jerky
from Taquiza

Hamachi Pastrami
from Makoto

Nori Macaron
from Shikany

Maguro Tuna Kama
from Morimoto

Lobster Roll
from Mignonette

Nutella Pastelito
at #CroquetaPalooza

Cuban Spring Roll
from Ball & Chain

Deconstructed Short Rib Lasagna
from Corsair

Chaufa Aeropuerto
from La Mar

Pork Rangoon
from #PIG5

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