Ian Gutierrez / OYE Cuban Grill [CLOSED]

Ian Gutierrez is a DC native whose desire for Cuban food led him to open OYE Cuban Grill; we learn what sets them apart from the rest of the Cuban restaurants in South Florida, some of their signature menu items and Ian shares some of the celebs that are making OYE their favorite local spot.

About OYE Cuban Grill

The unique OYE Cuban Grill is a relatively inexpensive, quick-service restaurant serving authentic Cuban fare that features Cuban sandwiches and platters as well as Cuban pastries and Desserts. The vision of the OYE Cuban Grill was created by the active managing partners – Hector F. Gutierrez, his son, Ian and Howard Rodriguez, the first cousin of Hector Sr. Their nostalgic Cuban history includes their family’s past, their struggles and successes, their abiding love of the USA, and their siblings inheriting all of the indigenous traits of Cuban Americans now experiencing the American dream.


  • I feel so strongly about my experience at OYE that I am taking the time to post….It is my first ever review. My husband and I headed for breakfast this morning. Rather than going to wagons west we decided to try OYE. It is an understatement to say that it was a big disappointment. While the place looks modern and inviting, it was basically empty this morning with only one other couple, a father and young son. There were two staff at the coffee bar and 4 at the grill. Our food was frankly BAD. Starting with the espresso and culminating with the second try at the “a caballo”. The espresso which was to be added to our milk for cafe con leche was watery…they tried three times and did not achieve the right consistency. It was more like strong coffee than the typical Cuban cafe which is so common here in Miami. Next came my husbands simple scrambled eggs, ham and tostada. Scrambled eggs are difficult to mess up…they did. They were so overcooked that they looked more like course meal. I ordered the eggs over a cuban steak or the “a caballo”…also an easy meal to season and prepare. My first steak was grossly under done. It has a fold which revealed actually raw meat…red and raw in three different areas. I returned it and they quickly brought another. This one was leathery, overcooked on one side with the other side having a custard-like layer of congealed mojo. The taste was pungent from the over done mojo marinade. I am Cuban and married to a Floridian. It was exiting to see a new, Cuban restaurant that seemed to be a modern, clean and trendy and quirky change. The ambiance brought us in but the food will keep us away…some of the staff seemed to be apologetic and did try to provide service. The cooks did not seem to know what they were doing and seemed more interested in conversing with themselves and some visitors behind the counter than in preparing a great product. The food was the worst Cuban food I have eaten in Miami….We will not be going back and would not recommend this restaurant to anyone. It is too bad!….I would predict that unless the owners are present during hours of operation to ensure quality food, as is the norm in most small Cuban restaurants, that this place will fail within the year. That is a real shame after the effort that you can see they have put into the place. A real shame…hope it is fixed. For now, we will not be returning. I hope this brings them in to correct the issues.

  • i had a really good cuban sandwich from this place….

    BUT, I would guess that the owners of OYE are aware of this interview with ChatChow and would keep their eye on it for reviews. As we can see, they don’t. If I owned this place and saw a review like the one above I woulda left a reply for that customer asking them to contact OYE asap.

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