Fernanda Salinas / Pasion del Cielo

Pasion del Cielo, located in the heart of Coral Gables, is on a mission to provide its customers with a completely unique coffee experience. Chat Chow TV met with the Pasion del Cielo’s operations director Fernanada Salinas to learn about the shop and its interesting selections.

What sets this four-year-old coffee shop apart from others is its diverse amount of coffee choices. Pasion del Cielo carries 11 different varieties of organic coffee beans, which are carefully selected from some of the world’s most exotic countries. When ordering guests can also see a comparative chart that describes the levels of aroma, flavor, body and acidity in each coffee. In addition to the wide range of coffee choices the shop also serves up pastries, sandwiches, wraps, salads and different sweets.

If guests enjoy the coffee, they can buy the coffee beans in-store to use at home or order them online at the Pasion del Cielo website. Syrups, mugs, and even artwork can also be purchased on their site and shipped throughout the country.

Decorating the shop’s walls is a rotating collection of artwork. Pasion del Cielo enjoys supporting the local art community by hosting an “artist of the month,” where each month they choose a different South Florida based artist to exhibit their artwork on the walls of the store in order to help them gain exposure in the area.

Wonder what Salinas favorite coffee bean is? Or how Pasion del Cielo’s coffee can be compared to wine? Find out all that and more in the video above.

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