Felecia Hatcher / Feverish Gourmet Popsicles

This week on Chat Chow TV, we meet Felecia Hatcher, the Chief Popsicle of Feverish Gourmet Popsicles. We chat on how Felecia “fell” into the business, some of their unique flavors (including the popular “Spiked” varieties), Felecia’s TEDxMIA story and we learn about Feverish’s contribution to education.

About Feverish Gourmet Popsicles

Who says ice cream trucks and carts can’t be cool, small and good for the environment? The Feverish concept is fun and exciting, we fuse art, music, social awareness and of course ice cream into eco friendly ice cream trucks and vintage carts! Feverish Ice Cream has given the ice cream industry an Ice Cream Social Life. We roam the streets and also provide ice cream for private events. Our hipster ice cream trucks and carts carry unique ice cream, our own line of gourmet popsicles called Fever Pops and even a tasty variety of retro and healthy/vegan friendly ice cream. Our new school twist on the childhood ice cream truck allows you to experience ice cream like never before! We strategically choose smaller vehicles for our fleets of ice cream trucks and carts, so that our trucks have a smaller carbon foot print then most junkie food trucks crawling around. We have done events for J Crew, Tom Cruise, Live Nation, Cirque du Soleil, Tyco, Bacardi, Universal Music, Gilt City, the US Census Bureau, and BB&T Bank to name a few.

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