Catherine Hughes & Ellin Purdom / Toffee Talk

Catherine Hughes, Chief Toffee Officer
An excellent home chef, Catherine loved the way her cooking brought joy to her family and friends. She began looking for a way to parlay her culinary talents into a profession. Her godmother’s homemade Toffee seemed like the embodiment of Catherine’s three favorite things: cooking, family and tradition. After much urging from every friend who ever tried her toffee, Catherine realized she should start a candy company, using her godmother’s classic recipe.

Ellin Purdom, Director of Social Networking
Thirty years experience in the investment advisory business have turned Ellin into a networker extraordinaire. She has deep roots in the Bay Area and loves meeting new people and helping them connect with others. Not surprisingly, Ellin has developed a passion for, and a great expertise in, marketing through social media.

About Toffee Talk

After 30 years in real estate, Catherine Hughes was ready for a career change. “Let’s talk toffee!” Catherine said to her friends. Right then, she realized she had just named her delicious confection: Toffee Talk. It was the beginning of Catherine’s evolution from dealmaker to candy maker. In a matter of months, her new company, CJ’s Toffee and Toppings, had launched Toffee Talk. The toffee was exceptional, with a rich taste and melting texture people raved about. Catherine refined the recipe for weeks, trying out different brands of butter and chocolate before settling on the right combination for her “little pieces of conversation.” Recognition came quickly, with Toffee Talk winning “best of show” at the 2010 Marin County Fair. Catherine soon branched out from the traditional almond toffee, adding peanut, pecan and red walnut varieties. CJ’s Toffee and Toppings also introduced Crumble Mumble, a crunchy combo of chocolate, toffee and nuts to sprinkle over everything from ice cream to oatmeal.


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