Brock Kleweno / Yamashiro

Pair a famous building with a longstanding culinary history and you’ll get Yamashiro, perched at the height of both Los Angeles’s hillside and restaurant celebrity.

Chat Chow TV pulled up next to Executive Chef Brock Kleweno (and the koi fish) to discuss what makes Yamashiro’s innovative fusion fare a mainstay in Los Angeles’s globally renowned cuisine.

“Well, what we’re really trying to do here is make the food very much LA and California-driven with an Asian inspiration, not specifically Japanese,” explains Chef Kleweno. “So we get our inspirations from all over. There’s a little bit of Latino inspiration in there, lot of Japanese, obviously. There’s some other Asian influences, but really, the ‘mish-mash’ of what LA is.”

Yamashiro’s yummy tastes range from Charred Albacore Sashimi (with a little Tomatillo and Ponzu salsa, serrano chilis, and fried shallots) to Kurobuta Pork Carnitas (a Japanese pig in hoisin and star anise on top of scallion-risotto cake).

The succulent sashimi isn’t the only thing that’ll take your breath away. In this historical building, you’ll dine against panoramic views of the City of Angels and traditional furnishings.

“It’s about 100 years old,” says Kleweno of the building. “It was built by the Bernheimer brothers to house their antiques. They built it based on a replica of a structure in Kyoto, Japan, and they brought a lot of the pieces with them over from Japan.”

“It was one of the first structures in LA. It really defines the Los Angeles scene both culturally and food-wise.”

Watch the video above to find out what exciting guest chef is making an appearance to help Chef Kleweno whip up his favorite ceviche dish, and hear details about Yamashiro’s upcoming farmer’s market (expect a new menu, local vendors and even fun food trucks).


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