Adrian Biggs, Chris Cosentino & Adam Fleischman / UMAMIcatessen

Adrian Biggs wears several hats. He is a bartender from La Descarga and Harvard & Stone, a Bacardi mixologist, and most recently he has been asked to conceive the cocktails at The Back Bar in UMAMIcatessen.

Chris Cosentino is an American chef noted for his specialty, offal dishes, now considered haute cuisine by many, and his eco-consciousness. He is executive chef at Incanto in San Francisco. He was a competitor on The Next Iron Chef and has appeared on Iron Chef America. In September 2009, he wrote a book on offal cookery, and he maintains an offal-themed website, Offal Good.

Adam Fleischman is a self-taught chef and successful food and wine entrepreneur. He previously worked in the wine business as the founder of the wine-centric Culver City restaurants BottleRock and Vinoteque. In his latest venture, he has built an entire menu around the namesake complex, meaty umami taste. The result is a sophisticated, tightly edited selection of burgers, sides and accompaniments that stand out even in a hamburger-saturated town like Los Angeles.

About UMAMIcatessen

UMAMIcatessen is a 6,650 square foot 170 seat venue that is broken down into five separate restaurant concepts. Umami Burger: an expanded version of the Umami Burgers out there at the moment. PIGG: Chef Chris Cosentino’s pork park which explores pig preparations from around the world. The Cure: Inspired by the typical kosher deli, expect pastrami, chicken salad, sandwiches, matzo ball soup, knishes, that kind of stuff. Spring for Coffee: brewing beverages with beans from Stumptown, Handsome, and Sightglass. & a Donut: Fried to order donuts, soft serve ice cream made with Strauss organic milk, seasonal sorbets. The Back Bar: Adrian Biggs (Harvard & Stone) crafts reinterpretations of the classics, 10 craft beers on tap, a few bottled beers, and 30 bottles of wine. Phew, there’s more than a lot going on here. The first step to bringing back Broadway.

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