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HipPOPs founder Anthony Fellows has owned, managed and operated food service businesses for more than two decades, including experience with frozen desserts dating back to 1990. Now, he takes hip to a whole new level with HipPOPs.

“This is the hippest way to eat gelato and sorbet,” said Fellows. “You can hold it in one hand. It’s portable, customizable and not the same-old frozen dessert on a stick.” In addition to an impressive resume of experience, Fellows’ inspiration for HipPOPs came from his father, who says “If you get up every day and do what you love, it’s not work.”

About HipPOPs

HipPOPs follows the old-world tradition of Italian gelaterias with offerings of handcrafted artisan dessert treats, including gelato, sorbet and frozen yogurt. Founded on the principle of bringing the highest-quality and healthiest ingredients to the streets of South Florida with a mobile HipPOP Truck run by customer-first “Pop Stars,” the company offers hundreds of customizable variations on its POPs, with an array of delectable dips and poppings. Rich, smooth and made to order, HipPOPs uses only a handful of high-quality ingredients. We source only local, top-quality dairy that adheres to our strict standards, in order to guarantee the freshness our customers expect, plus the freshest fruit from local farms whenever possible.

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