Bachour Bakery & Bistro in Brickell Is Baking (And Cooking) Up A Storm

Forget Willy Wonka and his chocolate factory. At Bachour Bakery & Bistro in Brickell, the mad pastry genius is baking up flaky yet perfectly butter (using the highest grade butter straight from France) Croissants stuffed with Nutella; the quintessential Miami Guava and Cheese Pastelito has been given a French twist a la danish; and Key Lime Pie comes in the form of bon bon masterpieces (of which there are about a dozen flavors). In other words, it’s scrumdidilyumptious!


If you happen to be unfamiliar with Antonio Bachour, the James Beard nominee who was also named one of the top ten pastry chefs in America in 2011 and has 292K Instagrammers salivating over his saccharine creations, perhaps it’s time you treat yourself and stop in for breakfast, lunch, or brunch when Pastelitos Pancakes and Croissant French Toast are happening.


Baking starts at the crack of dawn to ensure that by 7 a.m. opening time pastries are blistering and ready-to-be-picked-up by laborers of Brickell eager to start their morning off right. There’s also a Granola Bowl with ginger yogurt; Crunchy Quinoa Cereal with banana, dates, and house almond milk; or Chia Pudding for healthy eaters.

Perhaps what’s most impressive is the fact that savory here is just as sweet (pun intended), thanks to co-owner and former Sra. Martinez and Eating House alum Henry Hane, who’s leading the salty and bistro side of the operation. Egg lovers can relish in the Huevos Rancheros, Toad In A Hole, Scramble Cheddar Truffle fun, or a 64-Degree Egg Jar heaving with yolk, pork belly, hollandaise foam, and pomme puree. It’s a beautiful disaster.


For lunch, a diversity of items – from the mouthwatering and piquant Gazpacho Andaluz that transports you to Spain with a spoonful and a not so easy to handle but great to eat Pan Con Bistec bursting with mojo onions, sofrito aioli, and toasty papitas – grace the menu. There are also salads, like the Florida Beet and Frozen Truffle (which explains the huge Nitrogen tank in the back), Tartines ranging from avocado and salmon to spicy tuna, small but hearty plates (think Falafel Bowl, Soupy Rice with gulf shrimp and crab, and crispy Salmon A La Huancaina), and decadent Sandwiches packing butifarra or braised oxtail between housemade bread.

Of course you’ll want to leave room for dessert, of which there is plenty. From a constant and ever-changing colorful roster of Bon Bons and proper Macarons to Eclaires and Giandujas (a chocolate hazelnut mousse, yuzu, and passion fruit cremaux confection you almost won’t want to eat because of how beautiful it is), your sweet tooth will never get bored.


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