Zuma Celebrates 7 Years with 7 New Cocktails

Believe it or not, Zuma Miami is already seven years old. And to celebrate its seventh birthday, it has released a special 7 Lucky Gods cocktail collection available exclusively in the Miami location.

A year in the making, the collection is the creation of Zuma Bar Manager Karol Ansaldi and was born from his desire to take a deeper dive into Japanese culture. Each cocktail was constructed one ingredient at a time not only to reflect the values of what the gods protect, but also to include at least one authentic Asian component that may range from exotic Eastern fruits to sparkling sake.

Certain ingredients were selected to embody the essence of their respective idol with components that reflect their theology. Like a recipe with kombucha as a nod to the god of longevity, mixed with passion fruit to please the god of happiness or made with premium whiskey good enough for the god of prosperity.

The drinks are served in hand-painted vessels that were made exclusively for this project and personify each of the deities and each one features a different Asian fruit.

Hotei, god of popularity, is made with Bacardi 8 year old rum, lychee, banana liquor, lime and yuzu and coconut ginger beer. Jurojin, god of old age and elderly,  is made with Grey Goose vodka, rambutan, aloe vera cordial, lime, grapefruit tonic. Fukurokuju, god of wisdom and longevity, is created with Kraken Rum, cranberry kambucha, daffier lime, anise, passionfruit and lemon.  Benzaiten, goddess of the arts, is made with Stoli Elit vodka, yamamome, raspberry, cherry liquor, bitters and bubbly sake. Ebisu, god of business, is created with Casa Noble reposed tequila, wasabi, pineapple, benedictine, saffron, lemon, bitter and ginger beer. The Daikokuten, god of prosperity, is created with Hill Haven Lodge whiskey, coconut, rose water, yuzu, and Mandarin. The Bishamonten, god of warriors, is made with Creyente mescal, apple, salted caramel, lime, and yuzu tonic.

Drink all 7 and get lucky. The collection is now available at Zuma for the next year.


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