We Get Food Magished by the Foodie Magician

Tricks aren’t just for kids. Apparently they’re for foodies too, or at least that’s what Josh Beckerman (better known as the Foodie Magician) has made a career out of. Part comedian, part entertainer, part food blogger and all parts magical, Beckerman’s mind games have been featured everywhere from the New York Times to Late Night with Seth Meyers. It was only a matter of time before our food paths eventually crossed and as serendipity (or was it magic?) would have it they did so during the 15th Annual South Beach Wine and Food Festival. After blowing our minds at Jose Andres’ chef afterparty at the SLS South Beach the previous night, the Foodie Magician randomly reappeared Saturday at the Broken Shaker and we luckily (or was it serendipity this time?) had a camera with us to get his signature “think of a restaurant you like a lot” trick and others on camera. Want to get #foodiemagished? Watch the video and who knows, you might be next.

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