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Wolfe’s Wine Shoppe, located in the heart of Coral Gables on Miracle Mile, has made a name for itself by carrying hard-to-find, hand selected wines chosen by owner Jeffery Wolfe. Chat Chow TV sat down with Wolfe to find out more about the store, its selections and the great promotions the store offers locals.

When people arrive at Wolfe’s Wine Shoppe, the first conversation they have with Wolfe is paramount. Since the store only carries small batch wines that you can’t find everywhere, Wolfe makes it a point to find out what the customer likes so he can guide them in the right direction for their purchase.

“There aren’t any rules in wine,” Wolfe states. “Whatever you like, whatever you’re enjoying, if you want to have it something and you think it works – then it works.”

The store hosts plenty of events and in-store promotions throughout the year for its loyal customers. Every Friday the store hosts a wine tasting, it sends out weekly emails to its ‘Wolfpacker List’ filled with specials and deals, it participates in cross promotions with local restaurants, and it even hosts an annual Christmas party for its guests.

For the holidays, the store makes it easy for patrons to shop at any budget. The Wolfe’s Wine Shoppe releases its annual “Top 10’ list filled with its favorite wines of the year. The store also offers customizable gift boxes, gift wrapping and case deals for everyone on your Christmas list.

Wonder why they call their email list the ‘Wet Noses Group’? Or what Wolfe recommends to buy for your boss or someone you’re trying to impress? Find out all of that and more in the video above.

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