The Broken Shaker partners with Williams-Sonoma for a set of badass cocktail mixes! And they’re tropical AF!

We’ve never hid our love of The Broken Shaker.  Gabe Orta & Elad Zvi, who together form Bar Lab, not only helped champion a movement in South Florida, they built a brand while doing it.  Everything they are ever involved in is always done with care & love.  Now Williams-Sonoma & The Broken Shaker have teamed up to bring the flavors of Miami to the masses through a series of cocktail mixes.  The packaging and flavors are of course quintessential Miami.

According to Williams Sonoma:

“For a spirited taste of the tropics, we’ve teamed up with the cocktail maestros at the award-winning Broken Shaker in Miami Beach.”

There are four different mixes:  Havana Smash, Chi Chi Collins, Floridita Tropicale, & Caribbean Tonic.  Each are their own unique flavor and can be used in different ways.  Each one goes for $16.95.

Havana Smash

The Havana Smash combines sweet guava and sour orange with a dash of spearmint. Just shake or stir with rye or bourbon, then serve over ice with a lemon twist and sprig of fresh mint.  Easy does it!  Calls for about 2.5 oz of the mix from the 16 oz bottle.

Chi Chi Collins

Inspired by Miami flavors, this is made with  watermelon and strawberry with a touch of white ginger & tarragon.  This one is meant to be used with gin or vodka.   Garnish with a lime wheel and thinly sliced ginger.  Easy like Sunday morning.

Floridita Tropicale

The Floridita Tropicale combines grapefruit and lime with sweet blackberry and aromatic herbs. This is meant to be served with rum or tequila.  The recommended serve is a maraschino cherry and lime wedge.

Caribbean Tonic

The Caribbean Tonic combines sweet passion fruit with aromatic lemongrass, citrus peel and island spices. This one is to spice up your regular vodka or gin and tonic.  Garnish with wheels of lemon and lime.

Check out the Williams Sonoma in Miami Beach where they hold cocktail and cooking demonstrations while embracing the local culture.

1691 Michigan Ave STE 116
Miami Beach, Florida 33139-2558