FINKA launches new menu as local patrons continue to explore the world of cocktails in Kendall!

FINKA Table & Tap is no stranger to pushing the envelope in the cocktail and culinary world.  Chef Eileen Andrade took a chance at, what seems like, the edge of Miami.  The move was a success and locals flock to FINKA for extraordinary food and cocktails.

As local patrons tried fresh cocktails and bites, the bar became a neighborhood gem and the cocktail menu, always a hit.  We have always been big fans of FINKA and are happy to see another incredible cocktail menu. We love this menu with lots of spice, herbs and tropical flavors.  Plenty of great food pairings as well.  Cocktails were ideated by Chef Eileen Andrade and Bar Manager Alexander Aportela.

Here are our favorites:

Hornitos Plata Tequila/Firewater Bitters/Fresh Lime Juice/Pineapple Juice/Florida Fresh Egg Whites/Spicy Cilantro Syrup

Spirited Miami’s (SM) take:  We love the texture coming from the egg while the spicy cilantro syrup gives it a perfect herbaceous kick against the agave.  Lime and pineapple take this tropical sipper to another level.  If you love a good Margarita, you’ll love this.

Japanese Whisky Toki/Fresh Lime Juice/Fresh Ginger Juice/Coconut Cream/Charcoal Orgeat Syrup/ Q Kola

SM’s Take:  Very complex while letting the delicate Japanese Whisky shine.  This is your upscale whisky & cola reimagined.  Coconut and ginger are best friends in this cocktail.  The color comes from the charcoal of course which gives it a mysterious hue.

Fifty Pounds Gin/Fresh Lemon Juice/Lavender Bitters/Orange Blossom Honey/Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic 

SM’s Take:  We love the gin and lavender together in this cocktail, really elevates the botanicals while not being too floral.  The tonic adds some bitter and the orange blossom honey just the right amount of balance.

Reyka Vodka/Tiki Bitters/Fresh Lemon Juice/Fresh Pineapple Juice/Pomegranate Syrup/Q Grapefruit Soda

SM’s Take: A refreshing blend of tropical flavors that make this a perfect Miami cocktail.  The grapefruit soda are perfect with the pomegranate while the vodka lets all the flavors shine.

A must stop when you’re way out west in Kendall.  FINKA has launched the cocktail menu, stop by today!