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Ever need some shopping inspiration? Us too! That’s why we’re excited to introduce a new blog segment, ‘What’s In My Bag’ –– an ongoing series of shopping hauls and the stories behind them. The rules? Each guest has $100 to spend, anywhere in La Centrale. We head out with them to figure out what they’re in the mood for, whether it’s the perfect charcuterie spread, a dessert haul, or in this case, a pasta dinner.

We spent an afternoon with Gio of Chat Chow TV, flipping through cookbooks, talking about all things dinner, and running around to find truffle oil. Gio Gutierrez is the founder of Chat Chow TV (a mouth-watering video podcast that goes behind the scenes with chefs), spreads the love of rum as a Brand Ambassador for Bacardi, and is currently operating as Director of Interactive at Tinsley Advertising in Miami, FL.


Concept: Gio created a twist on the Lasagna alla Bolognese recipe from Edwin Garrubbo’s ‘Sunday Pasta’ cookbook. This was brought to life with items from the La Centrale Mercato and other concepts throughout La Centrale.

How Many Items: Seven

The entire haul started with the cookbook recipe as inspiration and the dinner really took off from there


The Story: After a tour of the space, we talked with Gio about his cooking habits and what he loves to make. Then soon after we headed to the shelves of our Mercato thumbing through cookbooks for dinner inspiration. Not long after flipping through pages of delicious meals, and getting quite hungry, Gio came across ‘Sunday Pasta’ and found a recipe for Lasagna alla Bolognese. He decided to take the base of that recipe and make it his own by using products from around La Centrale.

Why We Love It: It’s no surprise that we love a whole book dedicated to pasta dishes. ‘Sunday Pasta,’ though, holds a special place in our hearts – and stomachs. Along with the amazing pasta recipes, Gabbubbo includes expert wine pairings and information about the pasta and other ingredients in each recipe. You’ll leave this book with a full stomach and fresh info!

Where To Find It: You can find this cookbook alongside many others on our Mercato shelves.


The Story: Starting with the centerpiece of the dish, Gio decided to change up the lasagna base for fresh pappardelle. The wide pasta handmade is suited best for a heavy sauce like Bolognese.

Why We Love It: Fresh pasta – there’s something so warm and inviting about it. Pappardelle pasta derives from the verb “pappare,” to gobble up. The fresh types are usually two to three centimeters wide and may have fluted edges.

Where To Find It: You’ll find this fresh pasta being made daily at the Pastificio counter in our Mercato on the first floor.


The Story: It’s never to early in a haul to pick out the wine. Gio chose a bottle of Badia Di Morrona, Rosso dei Poggi to accompany his pasta dish. This red is known to pair well with meat dishes, making it a perfect accompaniment to the meat-based sauce that will top our fresh pappardelle.

Why We Love It: Badia Di Morrona, Rosso dei Poggi is a Super Tuscan, referring to the “Bordeaux-blend” of grapes used. These grapes were not typical to the Tuscan region but have been imported and planted.

Where To Find It: At Enoteca on our third floor, you’ll find our wine shop selling hundreds of imported labels from all over Italy.


The Story: Now that we had a recipe, wine, and a base, the next step is – naturally – cheese. The recipe called for one pound of mozzarella cheese, diced. We may have added some extra for Gio to snack on while prepping. As any good amateur chef knows, you need fuel to cook well.

Why We Love It: Fresh mozzarella is often creamier and has a stronger flavor than its packaged counterpart. Plus, in La Centrale, you can see your cheese being freshly pulled the day you purchase.

Where To Find It: Gio grabbed mozzarella that was freshly pulled from Stagionale, a vegetable-based restaurant concept on our second floor.


The Story: Next, Gio was on the hunt to add a unique touch of flavor. His answer? Dried porcini mushrooms.

Why We Love It: Superior wild porcini mushrooms are selected and dried within a few hours of picking. Pagnan mushrooms come from Ciano del Montello, a northern part of Italy and a region known for the growth of wild mushrooms.

Where To Find It: You can find their products on our Mercato shelves.


The Story: It was time to select the meat for the Bolognese sauce. Gio decided on fresh sausage that would later be browned and simmered into a delicious and hearty sauce.

Why We Love It: The theme of this dish is starting to ring ‘fresh is better,’ and we couldn’t agree more for the sausage component.

Where To Find It: In Carne on our second floor, you will find our fresh meat counter. You can pick up sausage, steaks, and other items here to take home for dinner.


The Story: The final touch in this haul was a bottle of imported white truffle oil to add flavor and depth.

Why We Love It: The Savini Tartufi family-owned brand is renowned in Italy. Starting in the 1920s and ever-expanding today, Savini truffles are some of the best. Their truffle hunting has been practiced in the Tuscan region for four generations.

Where To Find It: It’s a smaller bottle, so you may have to look harder, but you’ll find it all the same in our Mercato.

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