The Anderson has a fresh cocktail list & we tasted everything (almost)!

Coming off the heels of the successful Trash Tiki pop-up this past week, where legendary bartenders Kelsey Ramage and Iain Griffiths created all ingredients for “a tiki bar, from off cuts, unsold products and other raw materials otherwise destined for the bin.”, we wanted to highlight Anderson’s stunning cocktail menu led by Joshua Alperstein (Josh).

Josh’s inspirations for this season’s menu were all about elevating the classics with clean, quality ingredients while utilizing Miami flavors. This menu also caters to the health conscious as well as trying to be as vegan friendly as possible as you’ll see below*. Josh adds with a smile “and no animals were harmed in the making of this menu.” The menu is split into “Freshies” and “Stiffies”, which separate the more spirit driven cocktail from the rest.

Here are our favorites:

Yankee Tea
Beefeater Gin, Black Tea Honey, Fresh Lemon & Egg White w/ Matcha Dusting

Spirited Miami (SM):  During prohibition, tea was as expensive as gunpowder, so this is a perfect fit, an ode to that era. Love how these tea notes play with the gin. A refreshing cocktail perfect for a hot Miami night.

Club Paradise
Ron Zacapa 23, Don Q Rum, Back Room Horchata, Grated Nutmeg & Tropical Flowers

SM:  Love the blend of these two rums, one being heavier and the other lighter, really bring a true balance on the spirits side. Think of the bar that Tom Cruise worked on the island in the movie Cocktail and this is what he would be serving. The *Horchata is made without dairy and is delicious!

The 51st State
Old Forester Bourbon, Miami Coconut Water & Dried Citrus

SM:  This is an homage to a Puerto Rican classic drink for Executive Chef Jimmy at 27 Restaurant. This pays love to that in a delicious and refreshing way.

Beets by Bro
Ilegal Mezcal, Fresh Beet Juice, Pressed Lime, Citrus Bitters, Sage & Pickled Beets

SM:  Smitten that this drink is not just beet juice which usually overtakes a cocktail.  The balance in the beet with the citrus allows the Mezcal to be the showcase in this unique concoction.

You’re Special
Johnnie Walker Black, Hennessy VS, Cinnamon Dry Spice Reduction & Apple Cider Rinse

SM:  Loving the smokiness coming from the Johnnie Black and the richness from the Hennessy VS. This is our cocktail while we wait for winter to arrive.

Morning Wood
Tullamore Dew Whiskey, St. George Coffee Liqueur, Kahlua & Cream Froth

SM:  Not you Irish Coffee.  This is a Miami inspired beauty made with *Almond Milk.  Tasty and robust coffee notes coming from the coffee liqueur.

Come enjoy them soon!