Paradigm Kitchen Fuels Miamians With Wickedly Nourishing But Craveable Fare

Before juicing became the new eating and cold-pressed juice bars popped up on every corner in town, there was JugoFresh. The brainchild of Matthew Sherman, who purchased a juicer as a life change and started making green concoctions out of his home, JugoFresh brought the West Coast craze to life in the 305 and subsequently transformed the eating, drinking, and wellness habits of Miamians. Cleanses became commonplace; acai bowls replaced lunch; and rather than resorting to fructose laden Emergen-C when coming down with something, holistic health nuts sprinted over to JugoFresh for a Saca Lo shot instead.

Of course laughter and food go hand in hand as the best medicine (or at least that’s our life motto), so it was only a matter of time before Sherman upgraded from a juicer and dehydrator to a full-blown kitchen dishing out what he hopes will become the best breakfast place in Miami. Enter Paradigm Kitchen, where fitness and food fanatics can find middle ground, mindfully and guiltlessly indulging in seriously good sustenance that’ll make you crave health-conscious fare on the daily.

But don’t expect avocado toast akin to most of the other nourishment-driven restaurants. Here though, the Obligatory Follower has smashed Avocado on flax whole wheat from the neighboring, warm market greens, arugula and puts an egg (any style) on it. There’s also gluten-free vegan banana bread or sweet potato bread served two-ways: Costa Marma (ricotta, salted caramel, and ayurvedic spiced pecans for easier digestion) or Stoner’s Delight (almond butter, vegan chocolate sauce, caramelized banana, and granola). We recommend doing both; the Costa Marma on sweet potato bread to balance out and contrast the ricotta and the Stoner’s Delight on banana bread with caramelized bananas that’s—wait for it—bananas.

Eggs Diablito

Breakfast is served every day till 11:15 a.m. and weekends till closing time as it should be. On the drink side, there are copious amounts of cold options like the most photographic latte you’ve seen with espresso, ceremonial matcha, and PK mylk; decadent espresso and PK chocolate milk meets coffee shake spiked with togarashi syrup; and housemade turmeric orange or jalapeno blueberry basil-ginger Sodas. As for the comestibles, savory offerings like the Eggs Diablito, which combines poached eggs with Greek yogurt, smoked paprika ghee, and green harissa veggies. Get a spoonful of everything and set it atop the sprouted toast for an explosive bite. Follow that up with the insane Miso Fierce —an onsen Japanese style egg in medicinal miso collagen bone broth with brown rice, warm market greens, and black sesame seeds.

“It’s the underdog of the menu, but it’s my personal favorite” says Sherman.

And we concur. Other savor-worthy dishes included Pa-Pa-Paleo Hash with poached eggs and avocado and a Calentado Two Step with roasted veggie quinoa, sunny side up egg, and spicy cashew sauce. For a sweet ending, there’s Missionary Pancake Position (pun intended) gluten-free vegan pancakes topped with blueberry and pineapple compote, whipped coconut cashew butter, maple syrup, and banana. Where it’s really at, however, is the unassuming and to-die-for Chia Peared with Orange that pairs vanilla poached pears with coconut chia pudding, turmeric orange confit, cardamom granola, and basil-ginger syrup.

Not a breakfast person (weirdo)? Come for lunch then when local fish caught poke poke bowls and dosa lentil-based and highly digestible wraps are on the menu. Or, for dinner starting this Wednesday when PK divulges what they’ve been cooking up. Stay tuned.

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