Miami’s own Trevor Alberts is finalist once again in The USBG Legacy Cocktail Competition presented by Bacardí.

Bartender Trevor Alberts is no stranger to the spotlight or The USBG Legacy Cocktail journey.  The USBG Legacy Cocktail Competition is one of the world’s most coveted cocktail competitions where the best bartenders in the world compete to come up with the next “Legacy” cocktail.

Just last year Trevor was one of the finalists in The USBG Legacy Cocktail Competition in South Florida with his cocktail, Layover in Port Au Prince, cementing his place in the national finals. Recently, Trevor has been working on creating awareness for tiki cocktails in South Florida alongside Gui Jaroschy.  They recently consulted on Kreepy Tiki Bar & Lounge in Ft. Lauderdale.

This year it was the same result with a different path. To make it to The USBG Legacy Cocktail Wildcard competition during Portland Cocktail week, Trevor had to submit his cocktail via going up against the rest of the United States. Trevor made it to the wildcard out of 55 entrants.

In Portland, the competition was held at Left Bank Annex where Trevor was pitted against 8 other competitors. From here, three would make it to the National Final to be held in Miami, FL. Trevor Alberts (Miami, FL), Junior Ryan (Portland, OR) and Joe Frade (Portland, OR) will be joining the finalists from the west coast and east coast regional in sunny Miami. The winner of the National final will go on to represent the United States in Sydney, Australia in May 2015.

Photo by Pamela Mostacero

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