Max Santiago / The Salty Donut / Bourbon Month

The only thing better than celebrating bourbon month with your favorite classic bourbon cocktails is celebrating bourbon month with donut holes spiked with your favorite classic bourbon cocktails, which is why we’ve joined forces with Miami’s first craft donut shop The Salty Donut to bring our favorite boozy holiday to sweet life and because, well, who doesn’t love boozy desserts?

The fun starts this Friday with Jim Beam’s® Old Fashioned spiked Donut Holes — that’s right, old fashioned spiked donut holes — and continues every week through September with a different bourbon and libation. On the menu? Basil Hayden’s® Bourbon Apple Crisp; Maker’s Mark® Sazerac; and A Knob Creek® Manhattan.

If you’re a Salty Donut fan (join the club), then you’ll want to watch the behind the scenes video of master donutier and executive chef Max Santiago making the Jim Beam® old fashioned donut hole, and then get to either the airstream in Wynwood, pop-up at the Confidante, or Uber Eats it sometime this weekend before they sell out.

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