The Salty Donut Celebrates Hispanic Heritage with Flan Croughnut

Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 – October 15) is a time to celebrate the important contributions made by Hispanic and Latino Americans to the United States. Miami, the crossroads of the Americas, is home to thousands of Hispanic-owned businesses. From food to tech to hospitality, Hispanics are at the heart of the Magic City’s success.

To celebrate their heritage, The Salty Donut founders Amanda and Andy Pizarro collaborated with Hispanic entrepreneurs to create limited edition menu items and merchandise featuring their temporary name, La Dona Salada.

Chat Chow was part of the collaboration team and brought the spirit of Cuba in a bottle of Havana Club. Bacardi’s Havana Club, the original recipe by the Arechabala family, reflects the story of so many Latinos who were forced to leave their country and start from scratch in the United States.

The collaboration item is a Flan Croughnut. A 24-hour layered brioche croughnut filled with a homemade baked flan custard infused with a Havana Club Rum reduction, rolled in a light cinnamon sugar, topped with a hard candy caramel & 24k gold dust. The limited edition donut will only be available from September 18 – 30. Customers receive a mini bottle of Havana Club and cocktail recipe while supplies last.

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