Gabriele Marewski / Dinner In Paradise

In 1999 Gabriele Marewski purchased an abandoned five-acre avocado grove next door to her home, filled with a dream and the drive, founded Paradise Farms.

About Dinner In Paradise

Dinner in Paradise at Paradise Farms features the finest chefs in Miami preparing a delicious five course meal made with local organic products and paired with fine wines. The magic and charm of our lush edible landscape coupled with the finest chefs in Miami creates a uniquely intimate dining experience under the stars. Each year, we donate proceeds to a local charity or organization philosophically in line with our vision of sustainable, healing, and healthy organic food. Dinner in Paradise has become one of South Florida season’s hottest venues.


  • Awesome, Want to come to see you sometime…You look terrific. Great job, food looks fabulous.

  • Hi Gabriel,
    I have an organic farm up in Mass. and am visiting farms in Miami and surrounding areas this week. Also I just discovered we have mutual friends.
    Hope to be able to visit your marvelous farm soon.

    Thanks for doing a stellar job with responsible and delicious food producing!

    Alisande Juniper Hill Farm

    • Hello Alisande!
      I look forward to meeting you! Please call the office: 305-248-4181 before you visit so I am sure to be here.

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