Open Air Kitchen + Bar

Chat Chow TV took part in a sneak-peek at the newly renovated Open Air Kitchen + Bar in West Hollywood.

Occupying the space formerly known as Fatty’s Public House, the owners have given the space a complete makeover from architecture to decor to menu, creating a space that is truly representative of it’s name. Upon entering the front doors, you are immediately struck by what’s missing: the roof is peeled back to allow the cool evening breeze to enter, walls are removed, and the kitchen and brick oven are exposed by large windows. In a town where you can start to feel claustrophobic by the number of tables jammed into a small space, this was, literally, a breath of fresh air.

The owners of Open Air Kitchen + Bar, the Broseph’s Restaurant Group, have previously opened restaurants in Cabo and Santa Monica, with menus at each restaurant crafted by Executive Chef Laurent Saussy. Born in Puerto Rico to a French family, you can almost taste the diversity of his childhood in the cooking. In one dish, he served salmon prepared in a classic French style with crispy skin, served atop of baby bok choy with jalapeno creme fraiche; it was almost too many cultures to count, yet they paired perfectly.

The remainder of the menu is representative of the West Hollywood location: a generous amount of kale, both in salads and served on brick oven pizzas, tuna tartar, and even a modern take on chicken and waffles. I was especially fond of the simple heirloom tomato salad with a generous topping of burrata, served with smoky baguettes and coppa. The cocktails were also extremely well crafted, with fresh herbs and exotic ingredients, making them as refreshing as the open roof.

Located on La Cienega Blvd, just a short walk south of Santa Monica Blvd, it’s truly in the heart of West Hollywood. The eateries in the surrounding area seem to be either quick take-out restaurants or four-star valet-only establishments (like next-door Nobu). Open Air Kitchen seems to be well positioned as an upscale but casual place to enjoy good food and good drinks in a beautiful open space.

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