David Green / Winter Park Dairy

David Green, Owner and Cheese Maker of Winter Park Dairy shares with us the cheese process, what it takes to become a “Cheese Maker”, we talk about cheese mites (we know…) and we taste the first raw milk cheese ever produced in Florida.

About Winter Park Dairy

Winter Park Dairy is the first Florida licensed dairy to be built in the last decade and the pioneer in producing 100% natural raw milk artisan cheese. It is also the smallest, least mechanized and most urban. The raw milk cheesemaking process means that pasteurizers are not used to heat and destroy the integrity of the milk. Our signature cheese “Bleu Sunshine” is handcrafted and fully aged in only 60 days. It is the only raw milk product that can legally be purchased. Produced in small wheels, “Bleu Sunshine” ages to perfection quickly and maintains the closest possible connection to the cow and farm. Fresh From Florida means just that – Fresh.

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