British Airways celebrated the launch of their Miami A380 service last night at The Broken Shaker with Gui Jaroschy making some delicious cocktails.

Yesterday, our dreams of getting a delicious cocktail 35,000 feet in the air came true when British Airways celebrated their Miami A380 service with cocktails at The Broken Shaker.  What we didn’t know, is that one of these libations was about to go on a journey.

One of the two cocktails served wil be available for a limited time on the flight from London to Miami!  Nothing like welcoming a group of tourists with a taste of the 305 while crossing the Atlantic Ocean.

And you won’t find a better cocktail on any flight, we can guarantee you that.

Gui, who was tasked on creating these signature cocktails,  is an award-winning bartender (Best New Mixologist, Food & Wine, 2014) who also manages the bar at the Broken Shaker.

For those that don’t know, the Broken Shaker was recently given the honor of 14th best bar in the world, putting them on the same list as The Dead RabbitLimantour and Trick Dog to name a few.

The on-air cocktail, “The Aviator” was made with complex flavors because of the loss of taste when you are at a higher altitude.  According to this article by, “the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics, have demonstrated that our sense of taste decreases by about 30% when we are at high altitudes.”

The Aviator
Tanqueray No. Ten Gin, Fever-Tree, Warre’s Colheita, Bittercube Bitters Jamaican #2 and lemon


And for a limited time served at The Broken Shaker to celebrate the partnership:

London Calling
Bombay Original London Dry Gin, The Broken Shaker’s own homemade herbal cordial, bitter lemon soda and caraway salt


There you have it folks, now there is no excuse to enjoy a quality cocktail in the skies.