ALL DAY Ups their Food and Drink Game During the Happiest of Hours With Vermouth Infusions and Deconstructed Steak Tartare

When you think of happy hour the last thing that probably comes to mind is coffeeshop, but downtown’s java joint ALL DAY is pouring more than coffee and dishing out a “Happiest of Hours” that warrants a visit every day of the week. ALL DAY brainchild and award-winning barista Camila Ramos has been holding off on debuting the new menu—perfecting every little detail for months akin to the rest of ALL DAY’s neon meets brass meets downtown Miami minimalist aesthetic. That means the meat for the deconstructed steak tartare had to be from the supplier of some of the country’s best steakhouses and the eggs needed to be reworked and rethought many times over before they put a lid on them. Good thing she’s taken her time though, cause just like the One-Handed marble egg and sage sausage double cream brie on homemade McMuffin or pan con homemade smoke pork croqueta to soak up the previous nights boozy shenanigans, it’ll have you thinking about it (and ALL DAY) all day every day. 

Besides half off the entire wine and beer list—which in case you’re unfamiliar ALL DAY served wine and beer, includes labels from Italy, France and Spain to South Africa and New Zealand, as well as plenty of suds from the USA to Japan—ALL DAY has created a trio of low ABV vermouth-infused cocktails that will be on rotation quarterly. 

Chef Roberto Dubois—whose worked the kitchens of Juvia, Makoto, and Azul— is currently doing the cooking. While the coffeeshop has seen a handful of chefs go in and out of its small kitchen in just a year, Ramos says they’ve “finally found the one.” The happy hour menu, specifically the Egg Cup Trio, is a testament to his dexterity. Three ovums are put on a pedestal: a creamy scramble with crème fraîche and caluga caviar, sous vide egg with ikura, and a deviled egg with paprika. The trio will set you back $12, or you can also go single egg. Photo worthy on its own, it looks (and tastes) even better alongside the aptly named “Smoke & Mirrors.” Cocchi rosa, sparkling wine, and pomegranate molasses create a delicately ripe piquancy, garnished with rose petals plus a “secret mystery smoke spray” give it a floral finish rounded out with a smoky undertone. 

Stracciatella ($11) with heirloom tomatoes and a house leek oil worthy of sopping up every last drop with the accompanying crostini is both beautiful in presentation and bright in flavors. Wash it down with a Slow Slipper—Dolin vermouth blanc infused with lemongrass that’s plucked on premise. It goes just as well with the Old Bay Crab Dip ($13) that (unlike most crab dips) doesn’t skimp on the crab and instead tones down its use of the other ingredients—in this case corn, cheese, and lemon. 

Things get even better with the Elephant Garlic, roasted in olive oil and oozing of rosemary and thyme. At just $7, this and a glass of wine might just be the best place to celebrate 5 p.m., especially if you bring a friend (or a date) and split the Steak Tartare. Allen brothers filet mignon is treated as it should and served on a silver and brass platter alongside capers, red onion, cornichon, mustard and crostini for you. The real highlight here is the sous vide egg yolk that appears to be runny but has a custard like consistency and holds to the raw morsels better than a regular or even quail egg would. 

ALL DAY’s happiest of hours is available weekdays (Monday through Friday) from 3 to 7 p.m. Pro tip: finish things off with un cafecito at their ventanita.

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